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Hello! It’s the middle of the month and wanted to keep you all up to date on what’s new. What’s new: This week we’ve upgraded our video editing computer! The workhorse got some very much needed TLC. I know the new memory will be greatly beneficial. The new addition will increase productivity as well as […]

New Trailer!

New wedding trailer added to our portfolio page! Enjoy Ryan & Nora’s wedding trailer. News: We have changed our copy policy to include 2 copies rather than one. Also, I am considering adding flash drives as well. Send us a message if you would support flash drives as part of our services as well.

News and new content!

Hello! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! It’s the end of the month and I’m contacting all of our potential clients. Hope planning is going well. I posted a new testimonial, and a new wedding trailer. Be sure see what our latest client had to say. Visit our testimonial page! The year is coming to […]

News 9/26/2018

End of the month. September rushed by so fast and it’s that time again. Reaching out to all of our clients. I hope all is well! News: This month has been busy will fall weddings. New content will be released all through October. New Wedding Trailer! We’ve posted a new wedding trailer of Nick & […]

News 6/8/2018

Happy Friday everyone. I want to try to keep up with news so here’s what’s new. This week I’ve been working in the recording studio. Knocking the rust off and finishing some long overdue guitar parts. I believe I located the issue resulting in lack luster guitar tones. This weekend we plan on doing a […]


All new and most recent wedding trailers added to our Portfolio page! 2018 is in full swing. Today I am updating our website with new content. Wedding inquiries are coming in! Two couples have reserved their wedding dates thus far. New projects are in the works and there is a possibility Crystal Ship Productions will […]

News 9/6/2017

I promised to keep up with news so here’s whats new. This morning I added a new wedding trailer and a new testimonial. Be sure to watch Amanda & John’s wedding trailer. They are a great couple and I enjoyed filming for them very much. I also added a promotional video to our event gallery […]

New New New!

Hello everyone. It’s that time of the year and I’ve been super busy with wedding season and other projects. I promised to keep up with news so here’s what’s new. Recently our site was the target of hackers yet again but I have fixed the issue and we are running 100%. Today I did a […]