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Hello! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! It’s the end of the month and I’m contacting all of our potential clients. Hope planning is going well. I posted a new testimonial, and a new wedding trailer. Be sure see what our latest client had to say. Visit our testimonial page! The year is coming to a close but we have a couple weddings left. Don’t wait to book your wedding! Currently we are taking inquiries into 2020! Contact us for date availability and pricing information!

News 6/8/2018

Happy Friday everyone. I want to try to keep up with news so here’s what’s new. This week I’ve been working in the recording studio. Knocking the rust off and finishing some long overdue guitar parts. I believe I located the issue resulting in lack luster guitar tones. This weekend we plan on doing a vocal session with a local hip-hop artist. Also this weekend I hope to get some flight time on our new drone. I’d like to get used to the controls and get better acclimated to menu operation. New things coming next week. Be sure to check in.

News 9/6/2017

I promised to keep up with news so here’s whats new. This morning I added a new wedding trailer and a new testimonial. Be sure to watch Amanda & John’s wedding trailer. They are a great couple and I enjoyed filming for them very much. I also added a promotional video to our event gallery for G3 Entertainment. George Simmons is a great DJ and I would highly recommend him to any of my clients. Now that the fall is here football season has begun. This is my fourth year filming football for Dartmouth high school-Go Indians! Thank you Richard White for the opportunity! School season has begun as well so I am working with math tutor Ryan Costa to release an online math series. I am also working with Party Dress Express on making a promotional video. Great people! If you still need a dress for your wedding/event please go to them. They are the best around.

Tech news: I have been looking for ways to improve productivity. Earlier this month I purchased a KVM switch. I hope this will make video/audio editing easier. No more switching computers. Now I can change between the two with the touch of a button! Very exciting. Another announcement. I have received my 3rd inquiry for drone footage. I think it’s a very good possibility that Crystal Ship Productions could be going airborne!

New New New!

Hello everyone. It’s that time of the year and I’ve been super busy with wedding season and other projects. I promised to keep up with news so here’s what’s new. Recently our site was the target of hackers yet again but I have fixed the issue and we are running 100%. Today I did a website overhaul. I updated all the wedding trailers on our portfolio page to our most recent so check them out! Our resources page has been updated with all the most recent and highly recommended vendors! Please look them up if you are still in search of vendors. They are all very talented and highly recommend. I will also be posting a great review we received from Erin & Christopher. Thank you guys for the review! I am currently in post-production on Amanda & John’s wedding so i’ll be sure to post that trailer as soon as the wedding is completed. If you haven’t yet please contact me before your dates is taken. I have already begun receiving inquiries about 2018! In addition if you haven’t already like us on Facebook!!


New Testimonial!

We received another great review! Visit our testimonial page to read what our past clients have to say. Thank you Randy & Cheree for allowing us to be a part of your wedding!

New Wedding Pictures

New Wedding pictures added to Facebook from Neil and Noelani’s wedding.